Until after the Second World War, Barangay Don Pedro was still inexistent. It was still part of Barangay Polambato and this was usually called by residents, travelers or transient as “Mano-ong” or “Simangan” which either means corner or crossroad because of the base location of this Barangay starts form the corner of the provincial road going to San Remigio and the one going right to Barangay Dayhagon and farther to Curva and straight to the mid-north area or farther North to Daanbantayan town.

At this point in time, a civic minded and forward-looking resident of the place, Macario Deligero, decided to sell a certain parcel of land at a very low price and even on installment payment, to encourage others to acquire lots and establish residences, thus enhancing population growth! It did not take very long to achieve this goal. The resident of the place increased and they decided to become a Barangay they can call their own. And to give honor to the most beloved and most illustrious son of Bogo during that time, the late Don Pedro Rodriguez, who Macario Deligero considered as mentor and boss, he decided to name the place Barangay Don Pedro to the delight and acceptance of all the residents. Deligero also donated the image of St. Peter the Apostle (Sr. San Pedro) who they chose to be their patron saint. Mr. Macario Deligero who was “Iyo Karyo” to the residents was officially acknowledged as founder of Barangay Don Pedro. Incidentally, the late Don Pedro Rodriquez was also monickered in Cebuano as “Pahid sa Luha sa mga Bogohanon” or one who assuaged the grief of the Bogohanons.