Barangay Dakit is definitely named after a tree of this name endemic to all parts of Cebu Province, if not the whole country. This tree is called “balete” in tagalong and is usually associated with demons, evil spirits, the weird, the out-of this world, and everything evil. The Cebuanos associate this tree with their local versions: “abat”, “tikbalang”, “agta”, “tao-an”, “ungo”.
The Dakit tree is characterized by its thick foliage and its trunk is made up of “overgrown” roots that appear like inter-linked pillars that give the adult tree a big-looking trunk and cave-like facade. Thus, to one who is a believer of evil spirits, the tree emits a very cold impression. At maturity, the tree grow roots from stems which grow downward until they reach the ground or soil and function as additional roots. When these roots mature and harden, they become part of the trunk. 
One big Dakit tree once grew in Barangay Dakit before it had a name. The presence of the tree was so noticeable because it was the biggest tree in the area and the most feared especially at night. Naturally, it also became famous reference point for the place and when the Barangay had its official name, the name DAKIT was the natural choice.