Going to Cebu City and approaching Barangay Binabag, you will notice from a distance that there seems to be a series of mountains connected with each other that they seem to appear as a formidable wall lying across your way to Cebu City. 

The position and description of this wall mountain played a great part in naming this Barangay.

The Cebuano words “GIBABAG, BINABAG OR NAGBABAG” is interpreted in English as “lying across” or placed across a certain path.  

Some commuters or passengers of buses plying the Bogo-Cebu route, while approaching the Barangay usually point to these interlinked mountains and described them as “BUNGTOD NGA GIBABAG” or “BUNGTOD NA BINABAG”. It did not take long for the inhabitants to call their Barangay BINABAG.