Barangay Bungtod

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Barangay Bungtod was created in 1964 by virtue of a resolution of the municipal council during the incumbency of the late Mayor Jesus M. Almirante.
San Vicenter Ferrer Parish in Barangay Bungtod
San Vicenter Ferrer Parish in Barangay Bungtod

The Barangay got its name from its location and terrain. The Barangay center is on top of a hill, which in the vernacular dialect is called “bungtod”. From this word was derived the name of the Barangay.

During the early years, the place was covered with the large trees and intertwined vines where wild animals and different species of birds abound. It was then like mini-forest where local residents rely for their firewood and source of good lumber for the construction of their houses.  People who loved to hunt also flock to this place for birds and wild animals. More importantly because of its commending location the elders used the place as observation/watch post for any strangers especially the pirates who frequently harassed and robbed the residents.

Barangay Bungtod is at present the center of religious activities not only in the city but also in fact for the Northern Cebu because of the Archdiocesan Parish of St. Vincent Ferrer is situated in this Barangay. Devotees of the patron saint from the locality and from other places go to the church everyday especially Thursday for the Novena.

Historical Population

The population of Bungtod grew from 883 in 1990 to 2,324 in 2015, an increase of 1,441 people. The latest census figures in 2015 denote a positive growth rate of 3.65%, or an increase of 399 people, from the previous population of 1,925 in 2010.

Barangay Bungtod, Bogo Cencus

Barangay Bungtod, Bogo Cencus

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