Barangay Anonang Norte and Barangay Anonang Sur

by - 10/08/2019 11:00:00 AM

Anonang Norte is a rare Philippine hardwood tree used as housing material. It is found in many parts of the City of Bogo. The tree is most abundant in two of Bogo’s 29 barangays which got its name from this tree, Barangay Anonang (Sur and Norte).
anonang norte bogo

The tree was so abundant in those barangays during the Spanish era that when you speak of Barangay Anonang, you speak of the tree. It was natural then that the two Barangays was named after the tree.

anonang sur

How and why this was divided into Anonang North (North) and Anonang Sur (South) is not clear but it is believed that political rifts between two opposing prominent families was the reason.

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