Co-Co Hub

by - 8/23/2019 07:49:00 PM

Working from home or freelancing has become the "IN" thing these past years.  Because of this, co-working spaces are springing up like mushrooms in the urban areas lately.

Just this August, Co-Co Hub, City of Bogo's first co-working space opened for business. The Bogo Times heard of this awesome news thanks to BOGOHAKNOWNKO.COM. So TBT decided to experience the co-working & co-learning environment. 

Co-Co Hub is a good place for students who need a quiet place for studying and project-making. It's also perfect for freelancers or professionals who are working remotely. You can also play board games like chess and Monopoly. 

The best thing about Co-Co Hub is the Internet speed. The Bogo Times tested its internet connection speed via Speedtest.Net and here's the result:

And did we mention that coffee(brewed) is free? And UNLIMITED! 

WiFi Voucher rates:
  • 3 hrs for 50 pesos
  • 12 hrs for 150 pesos
  • 1 week for 950 pesos.

You may check their Facebook page and PM them for details:

Hub Rules

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