Floods Hit Bogo City

by - 9/19/2014 08:05:00 AM

Flood in Bogo City Cebu

A heavy downpour  triggered by Tropical Storm “Mario" which started last Wednesday night until yesterday morning caused flooding and landslides in several areas in Cebu. This prompted Cebu Governor Hilario Davide III  to cancel classes in all levels in the Province yesterday.

Several areas in Bogo City were flooded. Families were rescued and evacuated to a safe area. The Freeman reported that more than 200 Bogohanons were evacuated to the city sports complex for safety and around 600 sacks of relief goods were distributed to the affected barangays. 

sacks of relief good for flood victims
source: Dante Mayor

Flood in Bogo
Rescued families  from Brgy Taytayan (all wet from flood and rain) scrambling for dry clothes.
source: Dante Mayor

60 people have been evacuated to the Bogo Central School, around 1,300 to the multi-purpose center in Barangay Anonang Sur, and around 300 to the multi-purpose gym in Barangay Malingin.

Huge volume of rainwater from mountain barangays flows through the river connecting to the lowland areas.  The video below shows a river in Brgy. Malingin.

A portion of the Guadalupe Bridge in the city also caved in.

Photos from Netizens:
Flood in Don Pedro Bogo
Flood in Don Pedro
National Highway in front of the New City Hall
National Highway in front of the New City Hall

Yolanda Village
Yolanda Village
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