Eighty Eighty (8080) Triathlon San Remigio

by - 9/05/2014 03:20:00 PM

Municipality of San Remigio
Office of the Municipal Mayor

November 8, 2013, a day when people devastated by TyphoonYolanda thought it was all darkness. The storm broke lives, hearts, houses and businesses. It was a picture where people didn't know where to start rebuilding their home and their livelihood.

"Difficult battles are given to the strongest soldiers"

Yes, we were hit by that super Typhoon Yolanda but we have that strong faith to withstand to rise up again, very persistent no matter what challenges comes upon.

Fast forward one year on November 08, 2014, Municipality of San Remigio in coordination with the Cornerstone Group will host a TRIATHLON event and party highlighting the fact that our town is back to business and better than ever! Once again, one of the jewels of Cebu tourism and an upcoming sports travel destination in Northern Cebu. 

Same as Triathletes we, from San Remigio are known for our strength and our endurance to sustain even the most difficult times and trials.

Our place is now a picture of revitalized San Remigio!

Sgd: Mayor Mariano R. Marrtinez 
Municipal Mayor
Municipality of San Remigio

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