Bidlisiw sa Sugbo Awards

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Bidlisiw sa Sugbo Awards
The Bidlisiw sa Sugbo Awards are given to deserving individuals and institutions who have greatly contributed to the development and welfare of the Province of Cebu, particularly those who have made substantial contributions and impact in line with the Provincial Government’s Development Agenda namely :
- Health care and services
- Countryside development
- Education and technical vocational training
- Environmental  protection, climate change  and DRM
- Infrastructure development and private sector cooperation, and
- Law and Order
Bidlisiw which means “beacon” of light   will, thus, refer to the institution or individual who exemplifies sterling performance worthy to emulation.


The Bidlisiw sa Sugbo Awards for Institution is open to all private institutions/organizations, be they corporations, non-government organizations, civic organizations, people’s organization, church-based organizations, or religious organization which have operated for at least 3 years and have built a track record of dedicated service to uplifting the lives of people and communities in the province of Cebu.

The Criteria for nomination are as follows:
1. Service Excellence and Professionalism
2. Impact of the nominee’s work to the community and society
3. Innovation and Creativity


The Bidlisiw sa Sugbo Awards for Individuals is open to every Filipino or Cebuano,  natural born or naturalized citizen,of good moral character, and at least 3 continuing years of  commitment to his/her profession, vocation and service who  have made a significant impact on uplifting the lives of people and communities in the province of Cebu.

The Criteria for nomination are as follows:
1. Service excellence and professionalism
2. Impact of Work to Community and Society
3. Innovativeness and creativity in nominee’s work, service, and vocation


The Province of Cebu invites the public to nominate or endorse a candidate/s or nominee/s by accomplishing the Official Nomination Forms.  These forms may be downloaded from the Cebu Provincial Government website (, and obtained from the  Office of the Search & Awards Committee c/o Office of the Provincial Administrator, Cebu Provincial Capitol.

Self- nomination shall not be entertained.  Nominees will be informed of the Secretariat and will be requested to signify in writing their acceptance of the nomination, all nominees/candidates and/or nominators should submit on a specified deadline all pertinent information, documents and other requirements to support the nomination.


Institutions and individuals nominated for the award will undergo a selection process.  Through the information obtained from the nominees/candidates and/or nominators, the Search and Awards Committee and the Secretariat will conduct the initial screening, evaluation, profiling and validation. Then a shortlist of nominees and their profiles shall be submitted to the Board of Judges who will deliberate for the final list.


The final screening and selection phase will begin as soon after the Search and Awards Committee and/or thru its Secretariat submits to the Board of Judges the short list of nominees.  At this stage, the board of judges will review the profiles and documents for further short listing at the semi-finalist level.  During this process, the board of judges will meet en banc, deliberate and decide on the process and mechanisms in arriving at the top semi-finalist.  The mechanisms may include field validation, face to face interviews, panel interviews, focus group discussions or any other process that will assist the board in arriving at an intelligent decision.

The Board of Judges also decides en banc nominees to be given CITATIONS .


1. Service Excellence & Professionalism
Internal Processes/Document Standards - 10%
Customer/community response system - 10%
Feedback of orgt’l structure,brand, compliance & mgt.effectivity - 10%
2. Impact to Community & Society
# of people affected - 10%
Contribution to wealth - 10%
Reach to vulnerables - 10%
CSR Programs/activities - 10%
3.Innovation & Creativity
Development of pioneering products & services – 10%
Creative use of mats/res - 10%
Innovation/replicability - 10%
1. Service Excellence & Professionalism
Adherence of Ethical Standards -15%
Endorsements attesting high standards of service delivery - 15%
2.Impact to Community & Society
Community or volunteer service -10%
Contribution to wealth -10%
Reach to vulnerable -10%
# of people/communities served-10%
3.Innovation & Creativity
Development of pioneering products & services - 10%
Creative use of mats/res. – 10%
Innovation/replicability – 10%
MEETING WITH THE GOVERNOR and Members of the Search and Awards Committee (added  in the process for  the governor with the  Search and Awards Committee will have  prior knowledge of the  results  are  kept confidential and unrevealed until the Awards Nite in December).

Once the Board of Judges has confirmed its  final choice of AWARDEES, it will present the list to the Governor for his information.  Thereafter, the same lists will be presented to the members of the Awards Committee for their information.


1. To send the right signals about the prestige of the awards and citations, and the importance with which the awardee accords the honor as awardee,  it is   required then  that the awardees be physically present to receive his/her  award.  Otherwise, the awardee  may be re-nominated in the succeeding year. 

2. In relation to # 1, the letter officially informing the awardees shall   mention the condition for the awardee to be physically present to claim/receive the award, and  also will provide a part where  awardee confirms his/her/its attendance at the awards. 

3. Official letter shall   also include maximum number of people( Committee suggests 2 guests maximum per awardee) to avoid logistics concerns.

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