The Legend of Capitancillo

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It is regarded by many as a mystical islet and is considered as one of the major diving sites in Cebu province. Located ten kilometers southeast of mainland Bogo lies the breathtaking islet of Capitancillo which has become a relic of the rich history of the City of Bogo
Capitancillo Islet - Bogo City Cebu
Capitancillo Islet, Bogo City, Cebu

Legend has it that the islet was named after a Spanish captain of a trading vessel or Galleon during the early years of the Spanish era. His name is Capitan Basillo. The captain disrespected Datu Bugtopasan, one of the early Chieftains of Mactan, who was known to have magical powers. Capitan Basillo then sneakily left the island. Enraged, the Datu pursued Capitan Basillo's vessel by riding his enchanted white horse over the strong waves. He then cursed and put a spell on the Spanish captain and his vessel followed by roaring thunder and bolts of lightning. The galleon was stuck and then transformed to what is now known as the Islet of Capitancillo, named after the ill-fated Capitan Basillo. 

Today, the 6-hectare coral line islet is under the City government's watch to preserve its beauty. At the center of the island is a lighthouse which is one of the oldest lighthouses in the province.
Capitancillo Underwater
What's down under? 

Capitancillo Facebook Page (photo source)
The Historic Capitancillo Islet
Capitancillo: Mystically Beautiful Paradise (photo source)
Exploring Capitancillo Island in Bogo Cebu 

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